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Femlift office laser therapy

25 September in General Gynecology, GYN Surgeries, In Office Procedures & Instructions, Menopause & Hormone Balance, Personal Care & Sexual Health, Uncategorized

With direction from colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic and with training and support from Alma Laser specialists, we provide the latest technology in treating a number of vaginal and bladder issues with fractionated CO2 vaginal laser therapy. FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure that is...

HPV Prevention

13 February in Bulletins, General, Inflammation & Infection, Personal Care & Sexual Health

Research around Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a now well-established cause of cervical cancer, is potentially at a turning point, which could lead to groundbreaking preventative possibilities, cutting down the rate of transmission. Not all people infected with HPV experience symptoms, which is why it’s passed on...

General Fertility Improvements

07 February in Infertility, Personal Care & Sexual Health

MEN Avoid tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. Try vitamin C supplements 500 mg/day. Avoid anything that increases the temperature in the groin, for example tight or synthetic clothing, excessive hot baths/saunas. Possibly a trial of antibiotic therapy to improve sperm quality. Remember that 24-48 hours is required to completely "restock"...