Another GYN Surgery First in the USA- Dr Swor and Dr KASH

The Swor Women’s Care minimally-invasive surgery team of Dr Michael Swor, Dr KASH Shedd-Hartmann and surgical tech Melanie Keeley are first in the country and one of few in the world again. With the awesome staff at Cape Surgery Center, they completed the first microlaparoscopic Low Impact hysterectomy using the new Olympus Pneumoliner tissue extraction technology. Combining very small incisions (3 to 25mm), low constant pressure CO2 gas and the state-of-the-art FDA-approved contained tissue removal device, this method for advanced gyn surgery allows outpatient care, significantly less pain, lower risks and faster healing and return to normal activities.
Dr Swor and Dr KASH have the most experience with all GYN Low Impact microlaparoscopy surgery in the Southeast US with over 100 completed cases and excellent outcomes. The Swor Women’s Care team leads the Cape Surgery Center as a national center of excellence for advanced gyn surgery and train other surgeons and staff in new minimally-invasive methods using the latest technologies.


Swor Women's Care

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