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Acne Management

ACNIZIL- Professional Acne Management


Acnizil is a new nano-silver topical gel to help manage mild, moderate and severe acne. It can also be used during breakouts and flare ups, as well as for long-term management. Acnizil is a non-prescription topical hydrogel that is clinically proven to immediately and continuously kill the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria.  Read More...


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Devices & Miscellaneous  

Divine 9


Divine 9 with Carragel is a water-based personal lubricant perfectly formulated for a slippery yet intimate touch. It provides an intense skin-on-skin sensation for the ultimate sensual experience. Read More...


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Pelvic Toner


The PelvicToner vaginal exerciser comes complete and ready to use with full instructions. Read More...


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