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Sarasota Readers choice winner:  Swor Women’s Care is honored to be the recipient of the first-place award in the 2021 Herald -Tribune Sarasota Reader’s Choice contest for Best Local Health & Wellness OB/GYN category

    1. "Staff is wonderful! Attentive to needs/wants, short wait time for appointments."

    2. Sonia Y. Google

    1. "Would not consider anyone else for my care."

    2. Nikki V. Google

    1. "Overall I would really recommend this gynecologist to anyone!!"

    2. S.H. Google

    1. "Extraordinary GYN doctor and exceptional surgeon who sincerely cares."

    2. David W. Google

    1. "Highly recommend. The office is well run and on time."

    2. G.M. Yelp

Your Home for Women’s Health

We believe all women deserve expert access to annual expert gyn exams, full OBGYN services, and convenient healthcare support. At Swor Women’s Care, you will find a warm and caring “small office” environment, with a friendly and professional atmosphere, that provides comprehensive women’s health care from adolescence through mature years.

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The experienced and compassionate medical team at Swor Women’s Care in Sarasota, Florida, understand the unique health care needs that women face through the different phases of life. The staff not only offer comprehensive gynecological and obstetrics services, such as routine checkups and family planning guidance; they believe in going the extra mile to ensure you feel like part of the family at every visit. They combine old-fashioned care with state-of-the-art technology to address a variety of women-focused health issues.

Led by practice founder Michael Swor, MD, FPMRS, the caring professionals offer a wide range of innovative, in-office diagnostics, including ultrasounds for conditions like endometriosis, incontinence, and uterine fibroids. Swor Women’s Care offers the latest treatment options, including CO2 laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation and bioidentical hormone therapy for menopause symptoms. The team focuses on a holistic, total wellness approach, emphasizing the importance of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

In addition to the wide range of gynecology services, Swor Women’s Care staff offers cutting-edge obstetrics care for moms-to-be. Pregnant women can expect comprehensive, customized treatment plans for prenatal and postnatal care, including breastfeeding consultations and postpartum care.

A highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Swor specializes in robotics procedures with the da Vinci® surgery system for gynecological and reconstructive surgery. He can surgically treat a variety of women-specific conditions, such as ovarian cysts, urinary incontinence, and pelvic prolapse, using the latest low-impact, advanced laparoscopic techniques.

Dr. Swor provides compassionate, comprehensive surgical care with hysterectomy procedures and minimally invasive tubal ligations. For all surgeries, Dr. Swor works in conjunction with several Sarasota-area hospitals, including Sarasota Memorial Hospital, a facility consistently recognized for its gynecology care, as well as Cape Surgery Center, Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, and Doctors Same Day Surgery Center.

Learn more about the advanced OB/GYN services available by calling the office today or use the convenient online booking feature.


  • New Patients


    Thank you so much for choosing us as your healthcare provider! We are excited to welcome you as our newest patient and look forward to a long, healthy relationship with you as your Women’s Health Medical Home. We offer a different kind of gynecology practice experience than what you may have had in the past. We think of our patients as our family and we will always treat you that way. We approach your care as a partnership, will take the time to get to know you, answer your questions and explain your treatment options in as much detail as you want. In addition, we fully understand your concerns and will make you feel comfortable and right at home from the minute you arrive for your first appointment. That’s because we realize that we’re not just providing exceptional gyn care, we’re building lasting relationships… for life.

  • Specialty Care


    Dr. Swor and the advanced nurse practitioners at Swor Women’s Care are available for consultations regarding any aspect of women’s health. We do not require “joining our practice” to get advice from our Dr. Swor and our practitioners. Although patients are welcome to make Swor Women’s Care their medical home, we gladly work with other gynecologists and primary care physicians in Sarasota or another community.


  • Considering Surgery


    Dr. Swor is a highly respected OBGYN surgical specialist with over 25 years experience treating the full range of gynecologic problems. With many years of advanced training and teaching others, he is an expert in minimally invasive laparoscopic, vaginal and robotic technologies. 95% of our major surgeries are done with these techniques. These include laparoscopic hysterectomies, LASH procedures, pelvic floor repair, myomectomy and endometriosis surgery.


  • Health Care Practitioner


    Our goal is to work with fellow physicians and allied health providers to provide the best care to our patients. We want to meet the needs of referring physicians and their staff by streamlining the referral process. We will provide quality care and efficient reporting of assessments and treatment recommendations. We also will continue to use this site to provide a resource of information for both patients and clinicians. Pertinent advisories related to women’s health care in our community will be summarized in our Gyn Update for Clinicians.




    Dr. Swor
    Rated #1 Doctors In Sarasota

    Throughout his long-standing career in clinical practice, research, education and training others, Dr. Swor has achieved a number of contributions and awards in patient care, surgery and women's health innovation.



    Dr. KASH
    Rated #1 Doctors In Sarasota

    Dr. KASH's philosophy is centered on a holistic approach to women's health, which is consistent with her choice of becoming an Osteopathic physician. She is a strong proponent of nutritional education, exercise and natural healthcare.



    Dr. Lichon
    Rated #1 Doctors In Sarasota

    Jenny Lichon D.O. is an osteopathic physician who emphasizes holistic and comprehensive care of her patients. She specifically enjoys managing prenatal care, providing breastfeeding support, and aiding women with a variety of gynecologic concerns.



An Unique Practice


Swor Women’s Care is a unique Sarasota OBGYN practice. Some patients we see only for OBGYN services, knowing that women’s health screening is already being managed elsewhere. Some patients expect our practice to be their primary care provider, despite our recommendations to designate a family physician or internist. Most often, we provide annual women’s health screening and access for Sarasota OBGYN care, that compliments the regular care by a primary care provider.


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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Michael Swor has been practicing in Sarasota since 1985. He founded Swor Women’s Care in 1998 so he could specialize in providing advanced gynecology, urogynecology, and gyn-surgical care. Dr. Kelly-Anne Shedd-Hartman (aka Dr. KASH) joined the practice in 2014 and provides complete, holistic obstetrical care as well as gynecology services. Dr. Kash is your trusted Sarasota OBGYN.


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Patient Portal


Swor Women’s Care now offers our patients a secure, easy-to-use way to request appointments, renew prescriptions, and manage your account online. If you are a new patient, you’ll need to create an account. Returning users, simply enter your username and password to login to the patient portal.


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Our new department is a subspecialty devoted to restoring comfort, function and quality of life to women experiencing problems with urinary control, bowel control and genital organ prolapse.


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Gyn Surgery Experts

Swor Women’s Care is the region’s most experienced advanced gynecology surgery practice. Since 1985, we have successfully completed more than 10,000 advanced gynecologic surgery procedures.

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Words from our patients

  • "The BEST obgyn office around! The staff turns into your family and makes every experience better than the last!"

    Ashley W.
  • "I love everything about this practice. The nurses, as well as the ladies at the front desk, are always friendly and helpful."

    Leah S.
  • "The staff was extremely friendly! I did not feel rushed. Treatment options were explained. Thank you guys."

    Jennifer A.
  • "Beautiful calm & welcoming office. The doctor really takes time to listen to your concerns and questions."

    Debbie H.


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