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Birth Control

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If you don’t want to get pregnant right now but are sexually active, you need a reliable form of birth control that suits your lifestyle. At Swor Women’s Care in Sarasota, Florida, the team of expert women’s health care providers offers customized consultations and a comprehensive array of contraception options to consider. Call Swor Women’s Care or schedule an appointment online today for personalized birth control advice and prescriptions.

Birth Control Q & A

What types of birth control are available?

Swor Women’s Care offers a wide range of birth control options to ensure every woman can control whether or not she becomes pregnant. Some of the commonly prescribed contraception options include:

The Pill

The birth control pill comes in several varieties. In general, the pill either combines estrogen and progestin or only include progestin. Depending on the specific type of pill you take, it prevents pregnancy by either stopping the release of eggs or thickening your cervical mucus to prevent sperm from reaching your eggs.


An IUD (intrauterine device) is a small plastic T-shaped device that your provider places in your uterus. IUDs are either wrapped in copper which repels sperm or they slowly release hormones which thicken your cervical mucus or prevent ovulation.

Birth control shot

Your provider can deliver a quarterly birth control injection. The injection includes hormones that prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation and thickening your cervical mucus to prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

These are just some of the contraceptive options available at Swor Women’s Care. Schedule an appointment to talk to your provider about what type of birth control is right for you.

What type of birth control is right for me?

With so many birth control options available, you have plenty to choose from. Talk to your doctor or nurse about your options. Some of the details you need to consider include whether you also need protection from STDs or if you can take a pill at the same time every day. Your age and overall health may also factor into your decision. For example, women who use tobacco products shouldn’t take birth control pills.

What should I do if I want a birth control prescription?

If you want a birth control prescription, make an appointment at Swor Women’s Care. The expert women’s health care providers offer customized advice to help you find the best contraception to fit into your life. Call the practice or make an appointment online today.