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Bladder & Prolapse


At Swor Women’s Care, we have extensive training and experience in evaluating and treating pelvic prolapse and bladder problems. When the pelvic organs lose support due to damage, disease or poor health, we can do a thorough exam and testing to guide care.

When the bladder has poor control with frequency, urgency or leakage, we have a full range of testing therapy and treatment options.

A full range of services is provided for the evaluation and treatment of incontinence and other female pelvic support problems. We have the latest in-office urodynamic testing, Urgent PC neuromodulator therapy, electronic pelvic floor therapy (E-Stim) and counseling services as an adjunct to our surgical and medical options. We are highly experienced in the latest and least invasive operative techniques including midurethral sling and natural and augmented vaginal repair surgery.


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