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Gyn Surgery Experts

Swor Women’s Care is the region’s most experienced advanced gynecology surgery practice. Since 1985, we have successfully completed more than 10,000 advanced surgical procedures including robotic hysterectomy, microlaparoscopy, endometriosis and fibroid surgery, infertility procedures and pelvic prolapse repairs. Our success rates and patient satisfaction scores are exceptional and our complication rates very low. Research our credentials with the highest OBGYN certifications and additional specialization in reconstructive and minimally-invasive gyn surgery. 

Swor Women's Care

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One of our primary specialties is Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for endometriosis. We have treated over 5000 women with pelvic pain, painful periods, infertility or other issues related to endometriosis using the most advanced techniques.

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Dense breast tissue on mammogram is a normal finding but is linked to increased risk for cancer detection problems and possibly developing breast cancer.