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Dr. Swor and Dr. Kash have developed the Southeast US Regional Gyn Surgery Center for Ultra Low Impact Gyn Surgery. For years they have worked with the staff at Cape Surgery Center and Sarasota Memorial Hospital Women’s and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center to provide advanced gynecologic surgery to their patients. Procedures include robotic laparoscopic and pelvic reconstructive surgery, including treatment of all stages of endometriosis, complex hysterectomy, fertility surgery, pelvic prolapse, incontinence, fibroid hysterectomy and myomectomy, hysteroscopy and vulvovaginal surgery.

The latest microlaparoscopy and AirSeal technology mean tiny incisions, faster recovery and less pain.
Learn about Ultra Low Impact Gyn Surgery in upcoming media coverage and web updates or by calling our office.

Swor Women’s Care is a regional referral cenetr for advanced gyn surgery. Dr. Swor is double board-certified in OBGYN and pelvic reconstructive surgery and urogynecology. He and Dr. Kash lead a team of expert professionals in providing advanced gyn surgery to patients throughout Florida and travelling patients globally.In August 2016 they will be offering eVisit online consultations to travel patients.

Swor Women's Care

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Swor Women’s Care is the region’s most experienced advanced gynecology surgery practice. Since 1985, we have successfully completed more than 10,000 advanced gynecologic surgery procedures.

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