Femlift office laser therapy

With direction from colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic and with training and support from Alma Laser specialists, we provide the latest technology in treating a number of vaginal and bladder issues with fractionated CO2 vaginal laser therapy.
FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to improve vaginal laxity (tighten the vagina), improve vaginal atrophy (menopausal dryness and sensitivity), and reduce OAB and urinary incontinence (bladder urgency, frequency and leakage). A laser hand piece is inserted into the vagina and delivers precise laser energy into the tissues. The procedure is a virtually painless office procedure, takes about 20 minutes, and doesn’t require any anesthesia or downtime. The patient feedback has been 100% positive with us and with other GYN specialists using the technology.
The full treatment takes 3 monthly visits and costs about $3500. Dr. Swor and Dr. KASH both provide this surgical treatment and offer the service to patients of all area gynecologists without having to transfer regular care.
see Femilift at www.realself.com

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