Menopause & Hormone Balance

Femlift office laser therapy

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With direction from colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic and with training and support from Alma Laser specialists, we provide the latest technology in treating a number of vaginal and bladder issues with fractionated CO2 vaginal laser therapy. FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure that is...

Miscellaneous Recommendations for Menopause

07 February in Menopause & Hormone Balance

MISCELLANEOUS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MENOPAUSE For Hot Flashes/Night Sweats: Evening primrose oil Black Cohash (10-60 drops) Dong Quai (2 capsules) Vitex (Chastberry, Chaste Tree) 2-3 capsules daily Natural Progesterone Cream (applied topically to skin nightly) ***Our office does offer a prescription strength bio-identical progesterone cream. Please feel free to inquire if you are...