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Information for Referring Physicians


We have outlined what you should know about our practice and the ways we can assist you with your patients. We have many years experience living and working in Sarasota and surrounding area. Our staff is top notch and dedicated to high quality customer service. Not just to our patients but to our colleagues in the healthcare community.

A Unique Practice

Swor Women’s Care is a unique ob/gyn practice. Referring physicians and allied health professionals can trust us to provide quality care and professional service in every way. We like to have relationships with primary care physicians and other specialists, where we can complement the care being provided by others. Some patients we see only for ob/gyn problems, knowing that women’s health screening is already being managed elsewhere. Some patients expect our practice to be their primary care provider, despite our recommendations to designate a family physician or internist. Most often, we provide annual women’s health screening and access for ob/gyn care, that compliments the regular care by a primary care provider.

Our Specialties

Patients referred to our practice for ob/gyn care may have a specific problem that needs evaluation, or may simply need a specific test or treatment. We provide some services not widely available, such as:

  • Clinician-performed real-time ultrasound
  • Fertility work-ups
  • Urogynecology care
  • Advanced gyn surgery such as pelvic floor reconstruction, complex laparoscopic procedures and robotic gyn surgery
  • Menopausal hormone management
  • Holistic Obstetrical Care

Referring Physicians

To assist our office in meeting your needs, we ask that you complete a Referring Physician Profile. This will instruct us on your preferences regarding referral patients.

When requesting an initial visit for a new patient or a special evaluation of a current patient, we ask that a patient referral form be completed. This will expedite the process and guide us with specifics about that patient. Generally, the process for a referral is this:

  • You or your staff completes the Patient Referral Form
  • Ask the patient to visit and download and complete the new patient forms from our Patient Forms
  • Have the patient call to verify third-party approvals if applicable
  • Your staff or the patient calls our office at 941-330-8885 and makes the appointment, reminding our scheduler that this is a referral.


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