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We celebrate 30 years in practice and our 18th year at Swor Women’s Care…thank you to all of our loyal referring physicians, our wonderful patients, dedicated healthcare professionals and the Sarasota area community.

2 OBGYN doctors- specialty practice– comprehensive women’s health care.

Since her introduction in 2010, Dr. KASH has developed a large following among the community pregnancy care circles. Her holistic health philosophy combined with expert obstetrical training and experience brings the best of both worlds to maternity patients in the Sarasota area. Dr. Swor provides advanced gynecologic and gyn surgery care, including urogynecology services. He is double board certified in OBGYN and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. He leads the nationally ranked gyn service at Sarasota Memorial Hospital including the Southeast United States only Low Impact Specialty Gyn Surgery Service at Cape Surgery Center. The latest robotic and micro-laparoscopic technology is available to local and travel medicine patients for the treatment of pelvic reconstruction, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, pelvic pain and prolapse.

Kelly Summerfield-Certified Nurse Midwife, Allison Smith ARNP and Cindy Day ARNP– are our women’s health specialist practitioners. Their specialties are well-woman pregnancy care, preventative care, adolescent gyn and infertility. They are excellent teachers with many years of experience in Obgyn healthcare. Kelly has a low intervention pregnancy care service, with maternity hospital care at Sarasota Memorial’s new Courtyard Tower facility. Cindy is available for urgent gyn care and counseling.

PCCR- Physician Care Clinical Research– The research center offers clinical trials in women’s health, preventive health and other areas. Physicians can refer patients for currently enrolling or future trials. Patients can learn about current or future opportunities for participation in research. All patent care and treatment are provided at no cost to patients. The referring physician continues to provide regular care in conjunction with study treatment. There are opportunities for practicing physicians to be sub-investigators on current and upcoming studies. The time commitment is small, the educational aspect is rewarding and the reimbursement is excellent. We have completed dozens of local, national and international FDA-approved, IRB monitored studies on a variety of new drug therapies and new devices. We are currently enrolling recurrent yeast, sexual pain, fibroid and endometriosis patients in novel drug studies. We also offer at-risk patients a C-Diff vaccine trial. Interested patients or providers can call 941-954-2355 or visit

Genetic Cancer Testing- counseling and testing serviceWe offer counseling and on-site testing collection service for patients desiring BRCA and other genetic cancer testing. Personal or Family history of breast, ovary, uterine, colon, pancreas or malignant melanoma cancers are indicators to seek information and advice on these increasingly popular risk assessment lab tests. If a patient tests positive, then various testing protocols, risk reduction treatments and surgery are available to decrease the risk of future cancer development or late diagnosis. Family members benefit with risk advice as well. We welcome patients from other physicians for this testing, without requiring a transfer of care to us.

DaVinci Robotic Surgery- (NOW SINGLE SITE!) and “Low Impact” Microlaparoscopy- We now have 10 year’s experience with the latest robotic technology to assist with certain advanced laparoscopic surgeries. DaVinci adds 3D visualization, improved instrumentation and reduced hand fatigue on complex gyn surgical procedures. Our 10 year outcomes with Davinci have been excellent. Since we introduced advanced gyn laparoscopic surgery to Sarasota in 1985, we have continually strived to stay on the front edge of advances. We have many firsts in Sarasota Gyn surgery through the years. In 2006, we became the first gyn practice offering daVinci robotic technique in Southwest Florida and in February 2014 we were the first to offer SINGLE SITE gyn robotics (one small incision). In early 2016 we became the second surgeons in the country to do major gyn surgery and then hysterectomy with the 2.5mm instrumentation from Surgiquest and ConMed. We are now designated the Southeastern US regional center for excellence in Low Impact Gyn Microlaparoscopy.

USF Sarasota- Gyn Specialty Clinic– Our USF-Sarasota ObGyn affiliation and tertiary referral center has moved to our building at 1617 South Tuttle Avenue, Suite 2B. While offering subspecialty care in urogynecology and infertility, we are creating graduate education and outpatient clinical research programs. Dr. Shayne Plosker’s USF IVF group offers advanced infertility evaluation and in-vitro services. He requests referrals from area gynecologists when indicated after initial work-up has been completed. Dr. Lennox Hoyte is available to see complex pelvic floor dysfunction patients. This includes myofascial pelvic pain and defecatory disorders. These USF professors work within our PCCR clinical research center.

Hormone and Menopause- counseling and treatment– We offer counseling and treatment for all aspects of women’s health hormone dysfunction, including menopause, perimenopause, PMS, sexual dysfunction and infertility. Our physicians and staff are experienced in advising patients on all available options for hormone dysfunction, including nutritional supplements, natural and non-hormone therapy as well as the full spectrum of hormone treatments. These range from the best-manufactured products to customized formulas prescribed through compounding pharmacies. Again, we will provide counseling and guidance without requiring a transfer of care from another physician.

Specialty OBGyn Ultrasound– In our office, when indicated, we offer vaginal probe pelvic ultrasound testing, done by the gynecologist. We were accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine in 1999 and peer-reviewed by fellow clinical staff at USF. This specialized testing offers an immediate real-time clinical correlation with exam findings that exceeds the quality of most pelvic ultrasound studies. New recommendations from ACOG encourage LIBERAL referrals for ultrasound screening for any vague GI or pelvic or urinary symptoms to rule out ovarian cancer. We also do pelvic floor, breast and obstetrical ultrasound using the latest GE technology equipment and software.

Urinary Incontinence, Interstitial Cystitis, Distal Tibial Neuromodulation and E-stim pelvic therapy– We have in-office urodynamics, cystoscopy, IC evaluation and related therapies that have provided many patients with successful outcomes for their bladder dysfunction. E-stim is our non-surgical electronic pelvic floor therapy for a variety of bladder and gynecologic problems. Urgent PC (dorsal tibial neuromodulation) is a proven therapy we offer for overactive bladder. Please ask patients pertinent questions about urine leakage, pelvic pain, bladder pain and frequency, and offer them the option of thoughtful workup and treatment from a Urogyn specialist. Our 15 year stats on pelvic floor reconstruction are very encouraging, with 90% success rates and very low complication incidence. Even with major pelvic prolapse repair, patients average 24 hour hospital stays and use an average of 6 pain pills.

Pap smears, breast, pelvic and Gyn Exam Recommendations– We believe all women deserve an annual women’s health-oriented exam/visit. An annual visit provides access to urgent care, telephone advice, important health history review and medical exam and cancer screenings. We coordinate our care to be complementary to primary care and other specialist’s services.

We hope this update has been informative. We are all on the same team with the goal of helping our patients and each other (and surviving the times). We are always available for quickie phone or email consults from other clinicians on any OB or Gyn specialty care patient issues. We will see any clinician-referred patients on an urgent basis if you believe it is important. Thank you for all your support over the years. We appreciate your confidence in our care and your commitment to quality.

Kash” Shedd-Hartman DO

Michael Swor MD 

Chairman, SMH Gynecology Section

Ranked #1 or #2 gynecology department in Florida by US News and World Report 2006, 2011, 2012-2015
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  • Board Certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery- subspecialist
  • Fellow American College of OBGYN
  • Fellow American College of Surgeons
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, OBGYN, USF
  • Affiliate Clinical Professor, Florida State University
  • Accredited GYN Specialty Ultrasound
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