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Gyn Update


We celebrate 24 years at Swor Women’s Care and have expanded our new offices at 1900 South Tuttle Avenue…the staff and providers thank all of our loyal referring physicians, our wonderful patients, and the other dedicated healthcare professionals in the Sarasota area community.

Some quick updates to share…

***Congratulations to Dr Jenny Lichon, our expert board-certified OBGYN from Michigan, now in her 4th year and a partner in our practice.

***Congratulations to Sarasota favorite and other practice partner Dr. KASH, now in her 9th year with our group.

***Dr. Swor continues to chair the Division of Advanced Gynecologic and Minimally-Invasive Surgery at SMH, he started in 2016.

Drs. Swor, KASH and Lichon lead first Low Impact Specialty Gyn Surgery Service in the Southeast United States. The latest robotic and micro-laparoscopic technology is available to local and travel medicine patients and includes treatment of pelvic reconstruction, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, pelvic pain and prolapse. This program has provided exceptional care to hundreds of women in need since 2016 with superior outcomes data, including near zero infection and complication rates. We have launched the Gyn ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) program department wide after successfully following the guidelines for our patients since 2018.

We have the most experience and the best credentials for advanced gyn and urogyn surgery in the area. High volume surgeons have the best outcomes. We are currently preparing to publish 20-year retrospective outcome data on over 8000 cases. Despite treating many complex gyn surgical patients with various major pathologies, we have lowest rate of laparotomy conversion (2 cases in 20 years) and the lowest published complication rates. 

Dr. Swor is an international lecturer and trainer in advanced techniques. We are now designated the Southeastern US regional center for excellence in Low Impact Gyn Microlaparoscopy.

Laser Vaginal Restoration- Fractionated CO2 laser treatment- Patients can be treated with 3 monthly PAINLESS vaginal laser sessions for bladder problems or leakage, vaginal dryness, pain, and sexual issues. The laser treatment is done by the surgeon in office and requires no anesthesia, has no preparation or downtime and outcomes have been excellent.

Evaluation and treatment of pelvic prolapse, incontinence and bladder dysfunction- We provide Board-Certified Urogynecology services including full testing and therapeutic options. In addition to a range of non-invasive options, we prescribe medical and office therapies, as well as surgical options. E-stim is our non-surgical electronic stimulated pelvic floor therapy for a variety of bladder and gynecologic problems. Urgent PC (dorsal tibial neuromodulation) is a proven therapy we offer for overactive bladder

Office minor gyn surgery program- with new technologies, skilled sedation and anesthesia care including nitrous oxide analgesia, we can provide expert surgery options without the extra risks and high costs of hospital care. Office hysteroscopy, D&C, endometrial ablation and LEEP are first choice surgical options for abnormal or heavy bleeding, suspected neoplasia and abnormal pap. 

OB and Midwife Maternity Care- Dr KASH and DR Lichon provide supervision and support to a group of 5 midwives providing care to our obstetrical patients with delivery and hospital care at Sarasota Memorial’s state-of-the-art Courtyard Tower facility. With our own Cathy Brownell CNM they share a high-level care/ low intervention philosophy with their pregnant patients, whether the birth plan is all-natural midwife attended or high-risk care or Cesarean birth.

Hormone and Menopause- counseling and treatment- We offer counseling and treatment for all aspects of women’s health hormone dysfunction, including menopause, perimenopause, PMS, sexual dysfunction, and infertility. Our physicians and staff are experienced in advising patients on all available options for hormone dysfunction, including nutritional supplements, natural and non-hormone therapy as well as the full spectrum of hormone treatments. Again, we will provide counseling and guidance without requiring transfer of care from another physician.

Specialty Level 2 OBGyn Ultrasound- In our office, when indicated, we offer vaginal probe pelvic ultrasound testing, done by the gynecologist. We were accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine 20 years ago and peer-reviewed by fellow clinical staff at USF. This specialized testing offers an immediate real-time clinical correlation with exam findings that exceeds the quality of most pelvic ultrasound studies.

Pap smears, breast, pelvic and Gyn Exam Recommendations- We believe all women deserve an annual women’s health-oriented exam/visit. An yearly screening and preventive care visit provides access to urgent care, telephone advice, important health history review and medical exam and cancer screenings. We coordinate our care to be complementary to primary care and other specialist’s services.

We hope this update has been informative. We are all on the same team with the goal of helping our patients and each other (and surviving the times). We are always available for quickie phone, text or email consults from other clinicians on any OB or Gyn specialty care patient issues. We will see any clinician-referred patients on an urgent basis, if you believe it is important. Thank you for all your support over the years. We appreciate your confidence in our care and your commitment to quality.

Jenny Lichon DO                  “Kash” Shedd-Hartman DO                  G. Michael Swor MD                                                      

   ● Board Certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

   ● Fellow American College of OBGYN

   ● Assistant Clinical Professor, OBGYN, USF

   ● Affiliate Clinical Professor, FSU

  •   Accredited GYN Specialty Ultrasound


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