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For Our Patients, New and Existing…

Welcome and thank you for visiting our patient center. We hope you find everything you need here to help make your appointment and ongoing care with us a positive experience. We strive to give you excellent care in a professional and comfortable environment. We want our website to be helpful and informative, but not a replacement for personal attention. If you need assistance, please call us and our staff will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Your First Visit

Visiting a new doctor’s office can feel a little uncomfortable. It’s a new environment, brand-new people, and not to mention the new forms to complete. We want your first visit with us to be as easy and as effortless as possible so we’ve prepared some information to get you started before your first appointment with us.

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Surgical Information

If you are planning surgery with Dr. Swor or Dr. KASH we want to make the preparations and post-op process as smooth and effortless as possible. Our surgery coordinator will help you through it all. Dr. Swor, Dr. KASH and Teri have put together checklists, instructions, guidelines and “what to expect” information to assist you.

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Patient Forms

We want to make your visit as easy as possible and yet learn as much about you and your medical history as possible. Your completed forms will create an electronic medical record and improve your care. Your complete record can then be shared with you as well as other professionals that you ask us to work with

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Payments & Insurance

Our staff will assist you with insurance and understanding fees and healthcare costs. As complicated as it has become, the billing and insurance experts at Swor Women’s Care have detailed information here. They will gladly explain the process and answer any questions regarding insurance, costs and payment options.

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We specialize in advanced state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of Gyn problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We are open: Monday 9AM to 5:00PM Tuesday 9AM to 5:00PM Wednesday 9AM to 5;00PM Thursday 9AM to 5:00PM Friday 9AM to 2:00PM

What is your cell phone policy?

As the use of cell phones has grown, we have become aware of how intrusive they are in a medical practice, interfering with communication between the patient and the staff. For the privacy of all our patients, we kindly request that all cell phones be turned off after you arrive at our office. Thank you for understanding!

How do you handle lab test results?

We will always try to contact you when an abnormal lab result is obtained. If the result is normal and no follow up is needed, we will not notify or call you. No news is good news! Of course, you are always welcome to call us for your results at any time or sign up for the patient portal to view your results online.

When can I make an appointment?

You can always call during office hours to make an appointment.We also have an appointments request feature you can use on our online patient portal. Please be courteous to call us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. Failure to keep a schedule appointment without giving us prior notice is called a no-show and you will be charged a 25.00 no-show fee. Repeated no-shows may result in being discharged from the practice.

How can I get my Prescription refilled?

Refill requests are accepted during office hours only. Please do not contact the doctor when the office is closed for a refill, unless running out of your medication poses a risk. To arrange a refill, pleae call your pharmacy and ask them to contact our office. They can fax or leave a message on our phone line 24/7 (941-330-8885). You can also request a refill online if you are registered in our patient portal.

How do you practice patient confidentiality?

We understand that at times a family member might have questions for us or would like to discuss a test result. Due to legal and ethical issues regarding patient confidentiality, we are unable to do this. Patients are entitled to strict confidentiality, and we do our best to maintain this. If you would like us to freely discuss your test results, etc. with a family member, please make sure you fill out a form called “Patient Consent to Communicate”. This form will be considered valid until you revoke the permission in writing.

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