History of Swor Women’s Care

After building a large successful group practice in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Dr. Swor decided to “go solo” and focus on Specialty OBGYN care. New patients will find a warm and caring “small office” environment with a friendly and professional atmosphere. Dr. KASH, who specializes in holistic pregnancy care, then joined the practice too.
We are dedicated to always improve and continue offering first class evaluation and treatment of OBGYN problems for many years to come. Our new department of Urogynecology, is a subspecialty devoted to restoring comfort, function and quality of life to women experiencing problems with urinary control, bowel control and genital organ prolapse. Our top priority is to provide compassionate care with unsurpassed quality to our current and new patients. We are also dedicated to serving the needs of our referring doctors, who trust us with the care of their patients.

Creating a Focus on the Patient

Women’s health issues are our specialty. In addition to Dr. Swor and Dr. KASH, Allison Smith and Cynthia Day are Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) and generally see patients for routine and ongoing OBGYN care. They are qualified to provide ongoing preventive care, cancer screening, evaluation of pain, bleeding, pelvic support, hormonal concerns, infertility and adolescent medicine. Any complex OBGYN problems, surgical opinions, or other advanced care is always provided by Dr. Swor and Dr.KASH personally..

Our office evaluates and treats patients from all over the world, typically in cooperation with their primary care internists, family doctors, urologists, and current OBGYN providers. We are also open to assisting patients of non-traditional medical practitioners and believe in a practical approach to patient care considering all available options

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Key Highlights

2007 Davinci Robotic Surgery

In 2007, Swor Women's Care became one of the few gynecology offices in the country to use the Davinci Robotic surgery technology with Dr. Swor as the surgeon. Dr. Swor now proctors and teaches other surgeons in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques.

2010 Prvia VIP

Some patients have benefited by joining a more comprehensive health improvement program, within our practice, called Privia VIP. Swor Women's Care was the first medical practice in southwest Florida (and the first gynecology practice in the country) to be invited to be a Privia partner with the Mayo Clinic. Patients who join Privia VIP pay a small fee to gain access to a number of health related services offered by this program.

2011 Joined Florida Medical Retreat

Swor Women's Care treats patients from all over the USA as well as international travelers who seek high-level gynecology care. The quality of care and service we offer as well as that of our local facilities has attracted patients who are willing to travel. We were invited and joined the Florida Medical Retreat organization. They function as coordinator and concierge to facilitate medical services for patients who want medical services in our community.


Our new department is a subspecialty devoted to restoring comfort, function and quality of life to women experiencing problems with urinary control, bowel control and genital organ prolapse.

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Establishing Swor Women’s Care

We have worked very hard to combine our expert training, long experience, continuing improvements and quality assurance programs to offer you a service unique in Southwest Florida. We have gained the confidence of thousands of loyal patients, and the area medical community with our exceptional standard of care. We are also affiliated with Sarasota’s most prominent clinical research group, Physician Care Clinical Research, so we can offer our patients advanced treatments, not yet widely available.

When Gyn or breast ultrasound is indicated, Dr. Swor will personally provide superior quality “real-time” testing and interpretation, in our clinic, in addition to a detailed physician evaluation. We were the first and only Gyn practice in Sarasota to be accredited in specialty ultrasound services. We have been certified and recertified through the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and Dr.Anna Parson’s peer review program at USF, Tampa.

Dr. Swor has been an assistant clinical professor at USF and FSU for many years, and has lectured and provided training, in many venues, to thousands of healthcare professionals.

Dr. Swor has 25+ years of Board-Certified experience and was the first SW Florida gynecologist to join the advanced surgical educational group known as the Accreditation Council of Advanced Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. Dr. Swor is best known as a pioneer in laparoscopic surgery, pelvic reconstruction, Gyn laser surgery and surgical robotics in Southwest Florida. In the early 1990’s, with Dr. Irving Beychok, he co-founded the Center for Advanced Surgery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital and continues to develop new minimally invasive surgery techniques and alternative treatment options.


Dr. KASH, our OBGYN physician, holds a special interest in prenatal health, and education on improving neonatal/infant safety. Her philosophy is centered on a holistic approach to women’s health and she is a strong proponent of nutritional education, exercise and natural healthcare.

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